260 North Third Avenue
Upland, CA 91786
P: (909) 981-7160

Our History

About Coy D. Estes Senior Housing
The Coy D Estes Senior Housing complex was built because of the overwhelming need for seniors to have safe and affordable housing in our community. Since we opened in 1997 our building has remained 100% occupied with a long-standing waiting list. One day in the not so far future we hope to have another building started so that we can continue to provide more of the much-needed housing for Seniors 62 and over.
We have upgraded our building with new paint, re-stucco, new roofing and lots more amenities. It would be difficult to imagine a more perfect setting for making the most of one’s senior years. When the responsibilities of owning your home outweigh the benefits, Independent living offers freedom and privacy.